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Born 1949 in Jerusalem

Graduated in 1975 from The Art Academy Bezalel, Jerusalem

Lives in Denmark, Doron Silberberg entered into advertising after graduating from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. After working for many years as an Art Director and illustrator Doron has since changed pen and paper with stoneware clay and glazes. In more recent years he has been working exploring clay as sculptural material.

In his works Doron connects the graphical with the abstract and he manages to stimulate the imagination within his audience with an often critical and humorous angle. “The recent work with clay as a material has been a quest into my origins, to earth and into my own background. To immerse myself in subjects full of life: the sun, heart and people; elements that inspire me ” says Doron Silberberg.

Born in Jerusalem, Doron Silberberg grew up, surrounded by his father’s olive tree sculptures and tools. A unique environment, which laid the foundation for his work on sculptures. Today Doron Silberberg lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tom Jorgensen, editor of the art magazine Kunstavisen has written about Doron Silberberg: “Doron Silberberg’s sculptures are all small magical universes characterized by whimsy, storytelling joy, juicy comments, wild humor and ironic hip to our often

twisted society. The source of inspiration is surrealism, commedia dell’arte and contemporary assemblage, but more important than these arts, cultural and historical references is life itself. Doron Silberberg simply has a keen eye for life’s subtle, bizarre and absurd occurrences. And, most importantly, he has found his own artistic expression. ”

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